Meditation does not require faith or religion, during our daily life our senses are constantly bombarded, and our (mind) thoughts are active with internal questions, what we are going to do next, what we have done, what we should have done or said, how we are going to deal with problems and relationships, we are continuously living in the future or past.

When we practise meditation, we become aware of our personal self, our thoughts become more calm and clear, and our ability to direct our attention to the object of our choice improves. To develop our inner recourses gives us the perspective to act wisely in the world. Meditation teaches us to know where we are in life, to know how to respond with appropriate spontaneity to any situation, teaching us to control or accept our emotions.

Meditation and mindfulness runs through all of our classes here at the studio. At the moment, we don’t run any specific meditation classes. Ollie’s Tuesday Qigong class features 15 minutes guided meditation each week which is a good introduction and you get to learn Qigong! Otherwise, any class you attend will seek to bring peace and calm.

Qi Gong + Meditation